Warranty for your *Iconic Fan Co. product is provided by the product distributor in the Australian state or territory where the fan was purchased. 

Prior to contacting your Iconic Distributor in connection with a warranty question, please ensure you have the following information available:

    • Model Name / Product Number (as shown on the installation guide)
    • Date and location of purchase, including the original purchase receipt issued to you at the time of purchase
    • The name, telephone number and license details of the qualified licensed electrician who installed the product.

Installing Electricians who are experiencing problems installing the product or who cannot get the product to operate correctly once installed must read the 'Trouble-Shooting Section' of the installation guide. 


It is important that you select your fan carefully as fans that do not perform as expected and which are not faulty cannot be replaced or exchanged under warranty.  To obtain the best performance from a ceiling fan, it is crucial that the correct size of fan is properly installed in the optimum location. We cannot arrange for, or cover the cost of, an in-home visit by service personnel in relation to the airflow or other performance of your product except in cases where, following over the telephone trouble shooting, our authorised representative has determined that such issues may be a direct result of a manufacturing defect (material or workmanship). 


Your warranty will be void if the product is installed by persons not qualified to carry out such work. Ensure your ceiling fan is installed by a qualified licensed electrician.  You will be required to provide the details of the installing electrician’s name and license number in the event that you wish to make any claim for warranty.


Your ceiling fan requires regular cleaning with a damp cloth to avoid the build-up of dust and other atmospheric particles that lead to corrosion.  Failure to regularly maintain your fan may result in corrosion to the finish and such damage is not covered by warranty.


Fan Motor

The authorised distributor for Iconic Fan Company Pty Ltd (Iconic Distributor) warrants to the original purchaser (You) of each Iconic Ceiling Fan that if any part of the fan motor, excluding Remote Controls, wall control switches and/or capacitors, fails due to a manufacturing defect (material or workmanship) at any time for a period of 5 years (2 years in-home) from the date of purchase then the Iconic Distributor will provide a replacement part to you free of charge. Ceiling fans that have been moved from the original installation location are not covered by this warranty.

In the event that the fan motor should fail at any time within 5 years from the date of original purchase due to a manufacturing defect (material or workmanship), and you immediately report such defect, the Iconic Distributor will supply parts and provide labour to rectify the defect.  Such defects do not include non-structural corrosion damage of components such as surface rust, scratches or minor rust on leading or trailing edges of blades. 

Remote & Wall Controls

In the event that the Wall Control unit and/or capacitor, Remote Control Transmitter and/or Receiver should fail at any time within 12 months from the original purchase date due to a manufacturing defect, and you immediately report such defect, the Iconic Distributor will supply parts and provide labour to rectify the defect.  Should the defect be the result of incorrect installation and/or misuse of the product, or failure to use the product in accordance with the product instructions, you will be charged for replacement parts and the cost of labour to rectify the defect. Any defect of whatsoever nature that may occur after 12 months from the original date of purchase is not covered by warranty, and you will be charged for replacement parts and the cost of labour to rectify such defects.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Remote Control / Wall Control Units

The remote control receiver is not part of the fan, instead being a separately connected accessory device. The remote control receiver is often fitted into the fan mounting bracket for convenience but is not an integral part of the fan and not covered by the warranty provisions of the fan itself. Resetting of DIP switches in a remote hand piece or receiver is not covered by warranty and a service call fee will apply. A service guide explaining how to find and set the correct DIP code is available on request. Batteries (if supplied), are done so on complimentary basis and form no part of this warranty.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Accessory & Integrated Light Kits

Non-detachable (fully integrated) lights are covered by the warranty provisions of the fan itself. For accessory light kits (not fully integrated), the period of warranty is 12 months from the original date of purchase. In the event that an Accessory Light Kit should fail at any time within 12 months from the original date of purchase due to a manufacturing and/or material defect (excluding corrosion), and you immediately report such defect, the Iconic Distributor will supply parts and provide labour to rectify the defect.  

This does not extend to light globes. Globes (if supplied), are done on a complimentary basis and form no part of this warranty.

Additional Important Notes:

Fans and fixed wiring products must only be installed by persons who are appropriately licensed by the applicable state regulatory body. To protect the safety of our repair personnel, no on-site warranty will be accepted if the products have not been installed (proof must be shown) by a licensed electrician 

Warranty periods begin from the original date of purchase only. In order to claim a warranty, customers’ must provide proof of purchase and proof that the product was installed by a qualified person prior to any service call being arranged. 

For products installed in locations requiring special access equipment (such as scaffolding, scissor lifts etc.) the cost of providing, installing and operating such equipment must be borne by the site owner. The Iconic Distributor must be informed of the need for the use of such equipment at the time any fault is reported. 

Products that are found to be free of defects or the product is not functioning correctly as a result of faulty installation, incorrect use or other damage excluded by warranty, the Iconic Distributor will charge in full for the cost of the service call.


For the purposes of this warranty, in-home is defined as the on-site rectification of any defect (manufacturing and/or material) to the Iconic Ceiling Fan motor for a period of 3 years from the original date of purchase and the on-site rectification of any defect (manufacturing and/or material) to accessory parts (non-integrated Light Kits, Remote Control Transmitter or Receiver unit and Wall Control Unit) for a period of 12 months from the original date of purchase. 

In-home service is available only in those areas covered by our network of service agents and where the installed location falls outside of our network; the Iconic Distributor will reimburse you a standard fee not exceeding $80.00 (inc. GST) to cover the cost of using your own electrician. Conditions apply and any service request must be arranged with the Iconic Distributor prior calling your own electrician. Under no circumstances will reimbursement be made for call-out fees or other costs without prior approval.

This warranty does not cover installation faults, house wiring faults, corrosion, loose blades or fittings, or damage of any kind.

Where the Iconic Distributor supplies parts only they will be shipped to the customer or their nominated agent (Conditions apply). Please note that the labour associated with installation of these parts, or associated costs of removing and reinstalling the product to effect repair is borne by the customer.


  • The fan was purchased in Australia, and installed by a licensed qualified electrician, and where the fan has not been moved or removed from the original installation location. 
  • You notify the Iconic Distributor of the alleged product defect immediately upon experiencing, noticing or learning of such defect. 
  • You are able to provide the original sales receipt verifying when and from where you purchased the product and the installation receipt or certificate verifying when and by whom the product was installed.


The warranties above are void and the Iconic Distributor disclaims any liability whatsoever of any nature where: 

  • The Iconic Fan is not purchased by you in Australia and installed in Australia 
  • The product has been incorrectly installed or not installed in accordance with the products’ specification or installed in any location that is unsuitable
  • The product has been removed from the location where it was originally installed following original purchase, except where that removal has been expressly authorised by an Iconic Distributor or their authorised agent and such action has not contributed to or resulted in any further defect(s)
  • The improper, incorrect or incomplete installation and/or use of or adjustment to the product by you or any unauthorised third party
  • The attempted or completed maintenance, repair or any modification to the product or its Component Parts by you or any unauthorised third party.
  • The direct or indirect actions of you or any unauthorised third party
  • Normal wear and tear to the product or of its parts 
  • Faulty or unsuitable wiring in the structure to which the product is fixed or connected and/or inadequate support in the structure to which the product is fixed or connected 
  • Blown fuses or damage caused by force-majeure, electrical surges, lightning, power grid fluctuations, or by connection to alternative power supply sources (such as solar inverters etc.) 
  • Water damage and/or moisture 

Note: Signals sent through the power grid by the electricity supplier for the control of off peak hot water, street lights and other devices may cause an intermittent humming noise in your electrical appliances such as your ceiling fan. Filters are available in Australia at the customer's expense. These noises do not occur as a result of a faulty fan.


In no event shall the Iconic Distributor be liable for any consequential, incidental, direct or indirect loss, expense or damage suffered by you or any third party arising from or in relation to the product or any of its Component Parts or other parts or any defect.

The Iconic Distributor will not be liable for any expenses incurred by you in making a claim under these express warranties, including without limitation, expenses incurred in disconnecting, reinstalling, transporting or packaging the product, a Component Part or other parts that are to be repaired or replaced under any of these express warranties.


All rights, warranties, conditions and remedies implied by legislation or the common law that are able to be lawfully excluded in respect of your Iconic Fan Co product are excluded. However nothing in this clause or these warranties exclude, restrict or modify any condition, warranty, right or remedy, which is conferred on you by any applicable Australian consumer legislation.


In addition to any limitations set out above, the express warranty is limited to, at the Iconic Distributor’s sole discretion, the replacement of the product or any defective part or the supply of an equivalent product or part; the repair of the product or defective part or the payment of the cost of having the defect repaired; or the payment of the purchase price of a replacement product or defective part or an equivalent product or part.

*Iconic Fan Company Warranty is applicable to Modern Fan Co. & Minkaaire products sold in Australia by Iconic Fan Co., and/or our authorised resellers.